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A successful methodology for enabling Business Agility within a company is the creation of a Business Intelligence strategy.  A Business Intelligence (BI) strategy is as much about the corporate short and long term goals and strategies as it is about the selection of tools to be developed and implemented.  There have been many examples where a great deal of investment has been made into the tools, only to have the entire process fail due to a lack of cultural adoption.  A solid BI strategy requires that an organization from the CxO level down to the individual contributor understands and embraces their role in participating in the process.  The BI strategy forms the blueprint for long-term, sustained growth through a prescribed set of performance measurements based on solid, accurate data that provides a single source of the truth. Aliante Consulting Group takes a holistic approach to creating BI solutions that are customized to your needs, enable a performance-based culture and are scalable and expandable as your company grows:

  1. BulletWe work with Leadership Teams to define goals and vision

  2. BulletWe facilitate turning the vision into strategies, strategies into actionable plans and plans into key performance metrics

  3. BulletWe drive Business Transformation through coaching and education to build consensus and ownership at all levels of responsibility

  4. BulletWe create and implement the BI solutions based on the criteria developed in working in the organization to support business objectives in the short-term and sustain long-term growth and performance

  5. BulletWe have deep domain knowledge utilizing the Microsoft Business Intelligence Stack and can integrate third party BI tools to create customized solutions to leverage existing investments into software and data warehousing technologies

key focus areas

  1. BulletBusiness Agility

  2. BulletBusiness Intelligence

  3. BulletProject Management

  4. BulletStrategic Planning

  5. BulletProcess Mapping

  6. BulletChange Management

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